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"I have been seeing Dr. Bryan D'Aoust since he started practicing at Utica Chiropractic. I am very pleased with his treatment and more importantly the results I've seen and felt! Give Bryan a try...you will not be disappointed."

- Chris Sorensen

"Dr Bryan does a great job, definitely recommend him for your chiropractic needs."

- Cory McGovern

"Dr. Bryan is a great chiropractor. I was in so much pain 3 weeks ago and he's really helped clear that issue up quickly. Within 2 visits I felt so much better and now he's making sure that all is staying as it should. He gave me stretches to do that have helped very much.

I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to him!"

- Michelle Manning

"Dr. Brian is a great chiropractor. He has helped both myself and my wife over the past 2 years. My wife was going to another chiropractor for many years and didn't seem to be improving much. He always used the same push method on her which wasn't helping her at all. We started with Dr. Brian after a few visits she started feeling much better and improving as time goes by. He has also helped me when I had a fall and got me feeling better in a short time. We recommend him to everyone in need of this service. He and his staff are great people to work with especially when the insurance company gave us some problems. Very friendly and co-operative people. He is always eager to try different methods to get his patients feeling better. We could not be without him."

- Milton James

"Dr. Brian is an excellent chiropractor. He is a good listener, and will go above and beyond to help his patients.

We purchased 3 pillows from Dr. Brian, and they are the best pillows we have ever had. We no longer wake up with headaches or stiff necks.

Thank you Dr. Brian."

- Chris Diviak


- Carla Costello

"Dr Bryan is great! He listens to your needs, works around your schedule and his treatment revolves around you. He will go as light or as hard as you want/need."

- Joshua Lamie

"Excellent! I've been going to Utica Chiropractic since 1995 and Dr. Bryan D'Aoust continues to carry on the tradition of excellent care established by Dr. Sipp and his family and later by Dr. Pinto. Dr. D'Aoust improves the care given to his patients based on newer adjustment techniques and methods. He has a great bedside manner and his deep tissue and adjustment work are superb. If you are having pain or tightness anywhere, I highly recommend you make an appointment and give Dr. D'Aoust a chance to help you before you head to the doctor and end up with drugs that mask the problem and symptoms. I am very sure you will not regret it. :)"

- Jim Riccardi

"I was born with Erb's palsy and after rehabilitation when I was a baby I have function in my arm. But due to the location and the injury I constantly get neck and shoulder pain. It reached a point where I wasn't able to bend my neck to my ear. I now am to do that and I have fewer headaches than I ever did before!"

- Heather Marie

"I cannot say enough good things about this practice! The staff is professional, friendly, and down-to-earth. I never have a problem getting an appointment, even if it's at a moment's notice, and this is important to me because my back is very unpredictable! Whenever I have a problem with my back, I know that I can rely on Bryan to provide me with the necessary steps I need to get back to normal. I would recommend Utica Chiropractic to everyone, for several reasons, but mainly because they generally care for and appreciate their patients!"

- Julie Marie

"After going to a different chiropractor that suggested I sign a lengthy care plan (43 visits in 6 months) I opted for a 2nd opinion. I'm glad I did! I'm able to go through my day without having any back pain! It's also very nice to know that if I do something I shouldn't be doing and hurt myself that I can get in quickly to get myself back to normal, well as close to normal as I'd ever get!"

- Michael Philip Steele

"Utica Chiropractic is great. They always take the time to work your issues. Not a 10 minute or less wham bam like some others. They also don't require you buy 10-20 treatments or any for that matter up front.

They also find a convenient appointment time, and billing is never a nightmare.

I have been going there over 20 years, and although the Doctors have changed the way they do business has not. The expertise and care is always first rate."

- Roger Frank

"I really appreciate the time and effort Dr. Bryan spends to make sure the treatment is best for each patient. I have felt better after each visit and have been very happy with the results. The friends and family I have recommended have also been happy with their outcomes and have become return patients."

- Lori Bee

"Dr. Bryan is fantastic. I have had back issues for years, and for the last 2 years, since Bryan took over I have never felt better. From the point of having to go weekly to just routine maintenance every 6-8 weeks. I highly recommend Utica Chiropractic for anyone looking for spinal care."

- Ray Cyr

"I have been treating with chiropractic since 1993 when I first discovered its benefits. I have tried several different methods of chiropractic treatment and have travelled to Syracuse, Schenectady, Ithaca for these different treatments. My experience with the Activator method began when I first tried Utica Chiropractic. This method of treatment works for me. The adjustments last longer than other adjustment styles with which I have been treated. Dr. Bryan is gentle, effective, well informed, and very knowledgeable in aspects of wellness and nutrition. Without reservation, I would recommend Dr. Bryan's office and practice at Utica Chiropractic."

- Paul E. Morfik

"Dr. Bryan is fantastic and I recommend him to everyone I know. I had been coming to Utica Chiropractic since Dr. Pinto was here and I am so pleased with all the changes that have happened. Since coming to Dr. Bryan my knee pain has lessened and I have felt better than I have in a long time!"

- Katelynd DeSanctis

"I have been seeing Dr. Bryan D'Aoust since he started practicing at Utica Chiropractic. I am very pleased with his treatment and more importantly the results I've seen and felt! Give Bryan a try ... you will not be disappointed."

- Chris Sorensen

"Dr. Bryan is great. He listens to his patients, is as gentle (or not gentle) as you need. He also adjusted my baby and was so gentle. He also gives tips and exercises to help keep your body in top top shape! And his office staff is great! They are flexible and can accommodate a busy schedule.

Updated to add: Dr. Bryan is constantly looking for new ways to help his patients, and works with us to improve our health! He also does adjustments on children, and is very gentle. Still 5 stars!"

- Anne Stacy

"Can't say enough about Doc and Jen. Very nice people and haven’t felt this great in years. I recommend Utica Chiropractic to everyone!!!!!"

- Angelo Gentile

"Dr. Bryan has helped me a lot. I was having trouble keeping up with my 10K steps a day and now I'm able to walk without the severe pain. I'm glad that he is here and works so well with me. The office looks great, I'd been here before with Dr. Pinto and the changes are very awesome. I would recommend him to anyone! and I have."

- Michelle Anne

"Regular adjustments help keep my family functioning optimally...their office is always accommodating of our crazy schedules and you couldn't ask for nicer people to boot!"

- Linda E. Aloisio Fake

"Excellent experience, very personal and accommodating, skilled and helpful. You can tell he cares about what he does. Definitely worth it!"

- Richard Hartz

"I always look forward to my appointments at Utica chiropractic! Dr. D'Aoust and Jen are super friendly, and personable! I'm a busy hairstylist who's back was always in pain until I met them! It is definitely a comfortable environment that I would recommend to anyone!"

- Kayla Ann

"If you want someone who takes the time to listen to you and then takes the extra time to get you feeling better - Dr Bryan and staff is the place you want to be! I can't say enough about them - pleasant - knowledgeable - caring. I'm completely satisfied and would definitely recommend Utica Chiropractic!"

- Marlene Damm Derminio

"Dr. Bryan is awesome. He makes you feel very comfortable and really listens to you. My back and hips feels so much better since going to him!"

- Chante' Kelly Emerson

"Absolutely the best! They truly care about their patients and always make you feel comfortable and important."

- Sarah Keesler

"Dr. Brian is an excellent listener, and he has helped both my husband and myself. My shoulder is so much better. We also give a two thumbs up for the pillows. They are the best pillows we have ever had. No more waking up with headaches and stuff necks. Thank you!"

- Christine Diviak

"Great atmosphere, makes you feel comfortable, definitely recommend Dr Bryan to anyone with back problems."

- Sal Acquaviva

"Dr. Bryan does awesome work. He hears you out and does what you need him to. I will always go to him with back issues when I am on the East Coast. He will get you back on your feet, literally. You can tell he really cares about his patients!"

- David Dart

"He was very accommodating as well as helpful and insightful."

- Derek R Llewellyn

"Great chiropractor! I highly recommend going to see Mr. D'Aoust to get your back, back in shape!"

- Tyler Jablonski

"Everyone at Utica Chiropractic is wonderful. Dr. Bryan really takes the time with each patient to make sure you feel comfortable."

- Karri Tibbitts

"Great hands and very gentle. It makes getting your back, back to normal an easy process."

- David Richard

"I personally spent days seeing family physicians, nurse practitioners and emergency room doctors for a pinched nerve. I should have initially contacted Dr. BRYAN!! He is an amazing chiropractor and I have recommended him to everyone i have come in contact with. His office is very friendly and they don’t make you feel like you’re a bother. ABSOLUTELY WILL CONTINUE MY CARE WITH DR. BRYAN."

- Shawn Winchell-Olmsted

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